Masterplan "La Arboleda"

Place: Miranda de Duero. Castilla y León
Date: 2007-2009
Developer: General Directorate of Urbanism of f the Castilla y León Regional Government.
Design/direction: Miriam García García
Team: Miguel Ángel Venegas
Award: PRAU Programme: Special Mention / Jury Citation del  9th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards (2011-2012)

The Regional Masterplan “La Arboleda” formalizes the town meeting with the river Ebro opting for a residential program: Social housing, public facilities and green areas. A new urban park: the Grove, ‘La Arboleda’ constitutes its new landscape. An urban planning proposal from a landscape perspective that provides environmental quality and social stability for an “informal” settlement. Similarly the document incorporates a study related to the new perception of the surrounding from an environmental and landscape point of view.