New Hospital of Mataró

Expansion of B Terminal at Barcelona Airport

New CAP in Valle de Hebron in Barcelona

Shopping center in B Terminal of Barcelona Airport

Stabulary and research areas in Valle de Hebron

Remodeling of the Dexeus clinic in Barcelona

Refurbishement of CAP Ronda de la Torrassa

12 Dental clinics specialized in orthodontics

Pau Casals Institute in Badalona

Viladecans Hospital Master Plan

Adaptation of the post-surgical critical care unit of Valle de Hebron

Detached house in Sopeira, Huesca

Detached house in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Eugeni d'Ors Institute in Valls, Tarragona

Quatre Camins prison infirmary

5 star Wine Spa Hotel in Penedès

New headquarters and reform of the fire station of Lleida

Infirmary at the Ponent penitentiary center in Lérida

Institute Les Clisques in Port de la Selva

New ICO Brachytherapy operating room 

Reform and extension in the UAB

New research area in the Faculty of Medicine of the UAB

Revitalization in an apartment building in La Molina

Alzines Balladores School in Sant Feliu de Buixalleu

House refurbishement in Palau de la Cerdanya

Geriatric residence and doctor's offices in Dexeus Clinic

Tourist accommodation building in Caspe street

4* hotel in Mallorca street in Barcelona

Residential building at Farigola street in Barcelona

4* hotel in Córsega street in Barcelona

Residential building in calle Diputación, Barcelona

Residential building at Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona