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'L'arca de Noé vegetal', article in El Periódico about the square within the Superblock in Barcelona

The 'Santander, Future Habitat' city model, among the finalists of the 2022 Architecture Awards

'Santander, Future Habitat', chosen among the 21 finalists for the Architecture Awards

'Superilla Eixample': more strawberry trees than in Puerta del Sol

Santander Future Habitat, chosen among the finalists for the 2022 Architecture Awards

Catalog of adaptation measures Life AdaptaBlues

Book presentation "Urbanismo regenerativo. Santander, Hábitat Futuro" (Regenerative urbanism. Santander, Future Habitat)

Conference about "Cities and climate change: A proposal for adaptative design" at Granada school of architecture

Conference about "The metamorphosis of the coast: Resilient landscapes and climate change" at Reus school of architecture

Presentation of 'The synthetic metamorphosis of the coast. Resilient landscapes and climate change' at the COAIB

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The City Model for Santander by 2055: Santander, Future Habitat in El Faradio

Santander, Future Habitat: Regenerative urbanism as a new city model [ArchDaily]

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New residence for elderly people in Gràcia neighborhood, Barcelona

Building with 80 isolated dwellings, commercial premises, and car parks in Sant Joan Despí

Residential buildings in Can Gambús, Sabadell

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Mission Madrid 2022

 Two expert studios in urban planning are going to draw the future of Santander [El Diario Montañés]

Santander presents its city model from the point of view of regenerative urbanism [Ayuntamiento de Santander]

Santander looks forward to the environment and neighborhoods as a model for facing an "increasingly disjointed and dismembered" city [El Faradio]

Santander opens its proposal of 'City Model' to public information for the next two months [El]