Marxes Líquidas

1st Prize - Ideas competition for the re-ordering of the river front for the Miño river as it passes through the city of Tui



Place: Tui, Spain.

Date: 2019

Directors: Miriam García García, María Fandiño

Collaborators: Lara del Valle, Paola Cuitiva, Valentina Piliego.

Mention at the VII Simonetta Bastelli Award


The river walk along the Miño riverbank as it passes through the city of Tui allows you to experience a good part of the universe of landscape situations  of a wider geographical area defined by the river valley itself (beach, wetland, lagoon, terrace, grass , riverside forest, wet forest, etc).

The Miño river as it passes through the city of Tui reveals a landscape resulting from the embrace between the city-hill and a river-sea.

It is precisely this identity condition of strata and fluid dynamics of the city and its relationship with the river that seeks to emphasize the proposal and gives it its name (Liquid Marxes). The proposal covers the entire area delimited in contact between the Miño river and the city of Tui, from the international bridge to the Rosendo Troncoso gardens, focusing especially on the riverbank, its spaces and habits and its sewing with the fabric and equipment existing.