Regional Ordinance for town planning

Place: Cantabria
Date: 2003-2006
Developer: Government of Cantabria
Design/direction: Miriam García García
Team: Gema Sotero Castanedo, Angel de Diego Celis, Jose Ramón Lomba Gutierrez, Gabriel Ortiz Rico, Universidad de Cantabria

The Regional Rules document (NUR) is a study of the organizational model of the Cantabrian territory to raise awareness of the elements and values that shape the landscape of Cantabria. The NUR serves as a generic plan for the municipalities which have no local plan but also in accordance with the municipalities that already have a plan of their own.
They propose the identification and rehabilitation of the cultural heritage and the incorporation of territorial farming activities compatible with the rural environment. It also has a dynamic view of the landscape through a long-term process of renewal and transformation. This represents a sharp contrast with static and traditional visions of planning. The NUR proposes a reflection on new ways for rural and environmental management.