Collaboration with PRÁCTICA for the landscaping of the Renaturation of the Somes River

Place: Cluj Napoca, Rumania

Date: In progress

Design: Práctica (Competition, First prize)

Coordination: Miriam García.

Team: Daniel LeBouhris, Paola Cuitiva, Lena Cissé

The renaturation of the Somes river responds to the need to find actions and places that will give back some of the characteristics of a dynamic river as well as the socioecological benefits inherent to the water ecosystem. An important part of these actions and strategies will be performed by the vegetation and landscape proposal. This vegetation will support the quality of the new pedestrian and cycle infrastructure ensuring the link between the social and ecological improvements. These include (but are not exclusively) CO2 absorption, climatic comfort and shade, security buffer between different types of circulation, control of invasive species in the riverbank, absorption of energy from the river, increase in the quality and quantity of public spaces in the city, and the complete urban reconfiguration which the project pursues.