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COAC presents the Architecture and Health Webinar. This session is intended to open a reflection space for various institutional and technical representatives of the public and private sector, as well as with the media, with the aim of debating and promoting a change towards the introduction of technical architectural and constructive criteria that favor well-being and the health of people both in buildings and in public spaces.  

Miriam García has been invited to participate in the Conference on public space that will take place on Monday, October 5th at 16:00pm and which raises the question: What is the realistic and effective way to transform urban environments? The session will be held between different participants: Xavi Matilla, urban designer and Chief Architect in the City Council; Marta Viada, management technician of projects in the Public Space and Facilities Council Department and public space relevant figure in the Urban Environment and Health Group led by Barcelona Municipality; Antoni Ribas, journalist in ARA newspaper and moderated by Guim Costa, COAC Associate Dean.

The Public Space webinar will be about mobility, active greens, renaturalization, living ecosystems, gender equality, city as mixed uses, atmospheric and electromagnetic contamination and Heat Island effect. 

The three sessions will be held on three consecutive mondays at 16:00; 21th and 28th september and 5th october. Sessions will last for an hour. The first one will talk about office and educational spaces; the second one, about dwelling and the third one about public space, as already mentioned. The sessions will be live in Microsoft Teams platform. 

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