Flowscapes. Exploring landscape infrastructures

Date: 2013
Author: Miriam García García
Chapter: Coastal Landscapes, living laboratories for spatial planning
Publisher: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain
Pages: 114-122

Coastal have become living, breathing laboratories for landscape architecture and urbanism proposals. Especially in Europe, over the past decades, intensive development has produced, in addition to an intense urbanization and some inefficient urban systems, cumulative impact and disturbances that affect not only the social landscape perception, but the whole coastal system, endangering it immensely. Many of these processes will be amplified in the future by the effects of climatic change. All of these reasons have led to a prolific number of strategies (policies, plans and projects) designed to manage and rationalize these processes. In territories so transformed and diffused as these, landscape has become the most effective element of spatial order and ecological functionality. And among all the landscape urbanism proposals focused on green infrastructures have become the central approach. The article describes some of these proposals in the Spanish littoral.