Territorial planning of the European Atlantic Coast

Journal: V Seminario Internacional de Investigación en Urbanismo. Actas
Chapter: Territorial planning of the European Atlantic Coast. Landscape as a tool.
Date: 2013
Author: Miriam García García
Publisher: AAVV. DUOT: Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya 

This research analyzes the evolution of regional planning in the European Atlantic coastal area, as a laboratory for contemporary methodologies. All these changes are still in progress from the protection of the most valuable sites, both natural and cultural criteria, to planning and management of the land-landscape. In this context, the integration of processes and values (ecological, social and cultural) in spatial planning is, nowadays, the necessary challenge to direct the intense contemporary changes in the use of land and provide functional character and readability to landscape, especially in coastal areas.

This planning proposal with landscape has arisen as a new paradigm for planning at all scales. In fact it is the key for regional scale and it is also a new model, as a reaction to zoning proposals and development that have caused a loss in quality of coastal landscapes throughout Europe.