Landscape and imagination

Chapter: Landscape as a Framework for Coastal Areas
Book: Landscape and Imagination. Towards a new baseline for education in a changing world
Date: 2013
Authors: Miriam García García, Manuel Borobio Sanchiz
Publisher: Bandecchi & Vivaldi Editori e stampatori. UNIESCAPE
Pages: 401-404

Landscape as a framework, both as a tool to know a place and also as a project in itself, is opening up a new culture as regards land-use. This considers not only environmental values and economic dynamics, but also other questions related to environmental sustainability, ecology, social cohesion, identity and the aesthetic and symbolic quality of the whole area.
The integration of processes with ecological, social and cultural values in spatial planning necessitates a challenge to direct the intense contemporary changes in the use of land, especially in coastal areas.
Landscape and landscape urbanism has arisen as a reaction to the models of zoning and development that have caused a loss in quality of coastal landscapes throughout Europe over the past few decades.
The works carried out developing Galicia  Coastal Management Plan allowed us to implement some of the key components described in this research.