Quality study for the resilient design to the effects of climate change in the southern Hemidelta del Llobregat


Subject: Strategic planning

Date of publication:01/03/2019

Author: Miriam García García

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There are futures that can be anticipated, or rather: the future is that which happens as you imagine it right now. Precisely the present study aims to anticipate resilient scenarios in the face of the effects of the climate change in the Southern Hemidelta of Llobregat.

The total surface of the Llobregat delta is about 97 km2, with a length of coast of 23 km of which 18 km correspond to the Southern Hemidelta and where its coastal dynamics can still be perceived with a certain scope in the face of the effects of climate change.

This territory is within the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and therefore subject to its strategies and policies in relation to the effects of climate change. For this reason, before going into the specific analysis of this territory, a global assessment of the climate change mitigation and adaptation policies of the AMB as a whole is necessary. The Barcelona Metropolitan Area has been working on the study, policies and actions, as well as on the dissemination of the effects of climate change in the metropolitan territory, since its creation as a metropolitan public administration on 27 July 2010.

This study is framed within this line of work which modestly seeks to provide alternatives in the face of an uncertain future, but not for that reason impossible to imagine.