Urbanistic competition for the area of the ‘Park Schönfeld Carree’

Place: Kassel. Germany
Date: 2014
Design/direction: Arenas, Basabe, Palacios arquitectos S.L
Landscape architect consultant: Miriam García García
Landscape team: Darine Korban Chouéiri

With the theme “Yin Yang” we propose a dual and simultaneous strategy: the park infiltrates the city and the other way round. Therefore we combine the two urban textures with two different velocities of mobility: the one of the car, which only can access from the Northeast, and the one of the pedestrian, for whom a green path to the park in the Southeast will be provided.

At the end of these two lines the „Yin Yang“ effect is amplified: the green pedestrian path leads to a natural elevated terrace, looking back to the city and the urban street ends with a big square with a view to the park. Between these two focuses, a common green area „between the blocks“, which functions as lung for the new quarter, and an ecological, sustainable urban development, flexible in time, that presents itself in every phase as an unique and complete urban, texture, reconciling the park and the city.