2100 Climate Change Scenarios for the Metropolitan Coast of Barcelona

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Lugar: Barcelona

Date: 2019

Design: LandLab, Landscape Laboratory

Promoter: BR Barcelona Regional, Desenvolupament Urba Agency

Coordination: Miriam García García

Team: Lena Cissé, Manuel Esteban Alvarez, Sathika Jienjaroonsri, Daniel LeBouhris, Maria Moure.



Historical journey of the evolution of the coast of Barcelona over the last centuries in relation to the ecological, social and economic systems, as well as their interrelations and dynamics.

Proposal of different scenarios and their response mechanisms against the long-term effects of climate change.

Proposal of different alternatives, as well as natural, structural , natural-based and non-structural.

Development of solutions and suggestions of the dynamics focused on improving the relationship between the city and the sea, in relation to the foreseeable effects of climate change with the 2100 future horizon.