Territorial Action Plan for Valencia Metropolitan Area

Place: Valencia, Spain.

Date: Oct 23, 2018

Direction: Ezquiaga Arquitectura, Sociedad y Territorio S.L.

Coordination: Miriam García.

The initial version of the Plan will allow the development of the public participation and consultation phase regulated in article 53 of the LOTUP, with the exception of the environmental and strategic study that is not included. The PATEVAL allows, from an exhaustive information and diagnosis of the metropolitan territory and the functional area, a first definition of the proposed territorial model, developing the draft plan used in the beginning of the strategic environmental assessment procedure, and proposing a choice between different alternatives according to quantitative and qualitative criteria to evaluate the future sustainability of the territory. The PATEVAL will integrate the determinations of sectoral instruments, and a proposal of definitive delimitation of the scope of the PATEVAL that will take into account the contributions of the different scopes of work.