TIMELAND. LA+ IMAGINATION, A Global Design Ideas Competition

Data: 2017
Jury: Richard Weller (jury chair), James Corner (landscape architect), Marion Weiss (architect), Matthew Gandy (geographer), Javier Arpa (urbanist), Mark Kingwell (philosopher).
Design team: Miriam García, Victor Ténez, Manuel Esteban, Angelo Stenek.


Our island has not a concrete longitude nor a latitude: It has had many. It has been seen over the sunken rice fields near Cairo and the excellent tomatoes gardens of Vancouver, it drifted across the shipwrecks in the Bangladesh and the computer islands facing Lagos. They are made of them. Our island has visited those places and many more, and it has been many islands too. 

It is a place where everything can happen, where the invisible appears. Most of the times, language of life escapes human senses, we just notice it when it manifests in rhythms and figures. That’s why the theatre was invented, in Ancient Greece, when landscape was conceived as the process of life on the earth, celebrated by Dionysus and his followers, and the theatre was the place for citizens to experience it. Hence, our island is a kind of theater.

Its rigging system help us to construct unexpected landscapes weaving our voyages. Everything changes when we sail from the cold to the warm, from the rains to the hot winds. The performance of life appears at the time the ecological matrix absorbs, transforms and exchanges information with the changing environments. That’s why people come to see us when we approach a new coast. To stay, join and see how landscapes immediately sprout, evolve and mutate. The shine of the visible characters held by the stage of the invisible characters. They were not used to it, now they are.