Miriam García, Treasurer of the Ibero-American Federation of Urbanists (FIU)

'Timeland' presentado por la revista LA+ . 

VI International Landscape Forum. Vitoria-Gasteiz 2018
2050 Vision. Re-thinking the green belt.

Lessons on the perception, exploration and control of territory and landscape.

Powerful: A review of Cantabrian women to watch - El Faradio

Protest against the levees on the beaches of La Magdalena, Santander.

Dulce y Salada. Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture MAP - Water Systems. EN

Miriam García y Federico Manzarbeitia Interview. Imagina Madrid

Working the future city. COAM Sessions.

Think Commons 2018

Bienal de Venecia becoming18

Europan 14 results

Resilient Coasts Laboratory
Paisaje Transversal Blog

Towards the synthetic metamorphosis of the coast, designing resilient landscapes 

Urbanism Technician Advanced Course. Architects Official College in Galicia  

Landlab was invited by the University of los Andes  

Master's Degree in Landscape Design from the Pontifical Bolivarian University

Paisaje Transversal & LANDLAB
Course: Sustainability and landscape as basic planning tools

Innovation Award for the workshop Gran San Blas Renaturalization

Fábrica de Bloques. Block|Buster

Five Spanish architecture and landscape studios

Microclass: "Dismantling the paradox of sustainability"

Geourbanisms: Atlas of the Emerging City

Streetlife. Urban Research Laboratory

Imagina Madrid jury member, Madrid public spaces ready to be publicly rethought

Adriana Aguirre Such. Final project audiovisual presentation

OC OPEN CITY International Summer School 2017 edition

GeoUrbanismos. COAM exhibition "Space Universities"  

Re-naturalization of Great San Blas Workshop

Interactivos'17 Workshop, Medialab Prado

Talk to Asamblea Defensa de la Senda y Costa norte de Santander

Europan 14: Project Scales