Open talk - UVa Program in EtsaBARCELONA

Quaderns Biennale - air / aria / aire

Biennale di Venezia 2021 - Somes River

Building future with cities - Studio MA2 at EPFL

Design for Climate Resilience - ETSAB 2021

Cyber Exhibit of Contemporary Urbanism - Penn 2021

II e-Workshop Internacional de Arquitectura y Paisaje - RCR

The regional coast. From Montjuïc to the 3 Chimneys

City Ideas (Ideas de Ciudad) - Miriam García

SCALAE TAGs: humanization?

Sea level rise is four times higher in coastal populations

Online training course: Coastal Resilient Design Strategies and Tools

This will be the 'Superillas' of the Eixample - Time Out

This is how the streets of the 21st century will be in the Eixample of Barcelona - El Periódico

The four new streets of the Eixample will not have asphalt - El País

Online debate on the new Land Law of Cantabria

More Resilient Homes and Cities - La Vanguardia

Round table "The professional exercise of urbanism and spatial planning"

Sessió Sert - Basic principles of resilient design

Webinar presentation of the study "assessment of geomorphological, environmental and heritage interest of the Valencian coast"

Video cycle: Ideas of City in El País

Conference and Round Table "The Metropolitan Forest of Madrid"

Virtual Europan Inter-Sessions Forum. From E15 to E16

When Three Schools, and Three Countries, Converge in One Studio

Fondazione Annali dell'Architettura e delle Città - Transitional landscapes

PECA - Law of Architecture and Quality of the Built Environment

Biennal de Pensament - Els reptes del futur

Escala Humana - The Street is Ours

Lecture - Landscapes for Climate Emergency

VII Simonetta Bastelli Award - Mention

'Architecture for the day after' Ideas competition - Finalist

Architecture and Health Webinar