Resilient Architecture: The transformation of coastlines due to climate change

Presentation of the executive projects of SuperIlles de Barcelona (Ajuntament de Barcelona)

Presentation of the executive projects of SuperIlles de Barcelona (20 minutes)

The Eixample Superblock foresees 31 small squares and 438 new trees (Tot Barcelona)

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The four crossroads of the Eixample that will be transformed into green squares of the Superblocks

The future Enric Granados square, the Vergel de la Discordia (El Periódico)

20th Anniversary of the Urban Ecology Agency (El País)

Barcelona, 2095, the last beach alive


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Rebuilding the World Trade Center, an unfinished project twenty years after 9/11

Open talk - UVa Program in EtsaBARCELONA

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Biennale di Venezia 2021 - Somes River

Building future with cities - Studio MA2 at EPFL

Design for Climate Resilience - ETSAB 2021

Cyber Exhibit of Contemporary Urbanism - Penn 2021

II e-Workshop Internacional de Arquitectura y Paisaje - RCR

The regional coast. From Montjuïc to the 3 Chimneys

City Ideas (Ideas de Ciudad) - Miriam García

SCALAE TAGs: humanization?

Sea level rise is four times higher in coastal populations

Online training course: Coastal Resilient Design Strategies and Tools

This will be the 'Superillas' of the Eixample - Time Out

This is how the streets of the 21st century will be in the Eixample of Barcelona - El Periódico

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Online debate on the new Land Law of Cantabria