Week of Ecology and Environment of the Covadonga district

How to protect our cities from the effects of climate change?

Basement BCN Jazz Fest

Climate crisis and resilient landscape design - ETSAV

Resilient Landscapes - UEM

Urban Batteries at the C40 - Copenhagen 

Laboratori de Urbanisme de Barcelona - 50th anniversary

Touriscape Conference on Transversal Tourism and Landscape 

El Independiente - Adaptation to climate change and its impacts on the coast.

The research group BINOCULAR begins to work - CDAN Huesca

‘Climate-Neutral & Smart-Cities’ mission of the European Commission

El Independiente - Rising sea levels: the threat for which Spain is not prepared.

Article in Levante - Mercantil Veneciano

Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing

The Destruction of the Littoral: Alternatives for its defense.

'OCiam - International Comparison of Ideas' at the Politecnico di Milano

El Faradio. Interview with Miriam García about the coast facing climate change.

The Reinvention Of The Coast, reviewed in Plataforma Arquitectura

Rita 11 - Finalists Research Texts XI BIAU

The Reinvention of the Coast

Europan EU_Scientific Committee

Designing Resilience

 First Prize for 'Urban Battery' in Reinventing Cities International Competition

 Miriam García, jury of Cetățuia Hill International Competition

Lecture at Milan Polytechnic University 

Arch Daily

Interview. Conference on Urban strategies

World Month of Landscape Architecture

International Conference on Urban Strategies [CESUGA]

European Manuel de Sola-Morales Prize for Urbanism

ASA Meetings. Roca Madrid Galley 

Contemporary issues in Landscape Architecture. Polytechnic University of Milano