Quaderns Biennale - air / aria / aire


As a result of the agreement signed between the COAC and the Institut Ramon Llull, the Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme magazine has become the new medium for the scientific dissemination of the content produced by Catalonia in Venice in each edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale .

This is how the first Quaderns Biennale opens, a monograph directed by the architect Olga Subirós that collects the research "Catalonia in Venice - air / aria / aire", the project that Catalonia represents at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale. Eventi Collaterali. It is a reflection on the central theme of the Biennial, "How will we live together?", With an investigation into the air as a common lamb on which Our survival depends.


You will find the following articles:

"Why air quality is a matter for urban planners", by Jordi Sunyer

"Air quality in cities", by Xavier Querol

"Effects of Covid-19 on air pollution", by Xavier Querol, Jordi Sunyer and José Luis Jiménez

"On architecture, city and air: perspectives for a healthy city", by Miriam García

"Between paradise and the apocalypse: science and citizen action for air quality", by Josep Perelló

"VenicAIRE: How to use community potential to improve air quality in Venice", by Giovanni Maccani, Lucia Errandonea, Valeria Righi, Guillem Camprodon and Jacopo Galli

"Everything urban vanishes into air", by Mar Santamaria and Pablo Martínez (300,000 km / s)

"Radical Air", Olga Subirós

"Conceptualization and creative process of the musical piece Aire", Maria Arnal


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