SCALAE TAGs: humanization?

Episode 2 of the series "Afternoons of Cats Accents", with the architects Patricia Muñiz and Luciano G Alfaya (mmasa), from A Coruña on the subject of ... "Humanization?". Remix of the TAGs tune by Anna Bofill Levi

Humanization? - Luciano G Alfaya and Patricia Muñiz · mmasa - from A Coruña

Sunday March 21, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. watch the broadcast on SCALAE's YouTube channel here.

The series "Afternoons of Cats Accents" deals with emergencies and positions in architecture; that is to say: it shares conversations about current news, emergencies or experiences and - in a personalized way - about the professional positions, researchers and innovators of people who operate as architects and the architecture industry.

The second episode focuses on the objectives and priorities that arise today who, from the office and responsibility of architects, consider humanization as a substantial parameter of urban, landscape or building interventions and projects.



Anna Bofill, composer and architect Anna Bofill

Luis Domínguez Viñuales, architect

Juan Elvira, architect · Murado Elvira

Miriam García, architect · LandLab

Ginés Garrido, architect · Burgos Garrido

Jesús Irisarri, architect · Irisarri Piñera