PECA - Law of Architecture and Quality of the Built Environment


Built environments, especially cities, are the great motor center of the economy, but also the main source of resource consumption, which is leading to major impacts on health and the climate. A city design that pursues the rational use of the land, recycles existing urban fabrics and fosters a local economy will be able to reduce energy consumption and optimize resources. A design that encourages green infrastructures and sustainable transport systems will guarantee biodiversity, a healthy environment and social cohesion. All this results in the construction of a quality environment.

Miriam García participates in the discussion table "Environmental matters" during the First Debate Day with Eva Chacón, Esther Higueras, Patrizia Laplana, Inés Leal, Francisco Leiva, Justo Orgaz, Cristina del Pozo, Verónica Sánchez Carrera and Jose María Torres Nadal ; on Sustainability as a new value of architecture and the built environment, architecture and the built environment within the framework of the circular economy, resilience, adaptation to climate change, the integration of what is built into the landscape and the concept of infrastructure green.

You can see the conference from this page through the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, or by clicking on the following link.