Escala Humana - The Street is Ours


La 2 de TVE has premiered the second season of Escala Humana, a program that tries to bring the world of architecture closer to all audiences.

We live surrounded by architecture, design, urbanism. From the moment we are born until we die, but sometimes we hardly realize it. This is one of the challenges of Escala Humana: to show architecture from a different perspective, without technicalities, to discover what is behind the facades of buildings, objects, large constructions, and urban spaces. And reflect, together with the people who give life and meaning to architecture, on our relationship with the rural or urban environment.

In this second season, Escala Humana continues to travel the Spanish geography to search for new themes. From the architecture of the wine to the materials used in construction. From large infrastructures to sustainable and environmentally friendly space designs. From emptied Spain to the cities of the future. In each of these 13 new half-hour chapters, Escala Humana proposes a different theme, from a different perspective.

The program, a Costa Est production, is directed by Jaume Clèries and presented by Núria Moliner, architect, composer and singer of the musical group Intana, who continues to contribute her knowledge of architecture from a special sensitivity to the human aspects that make technique make sense.


In the second chapter of this season, Miriam García, along with Josep Maria Ganyet and Miquel Lacasta, share their impressions about the future of cities in a post-covid panorama.

You can click here to see the full program and the a list of all episodes: