'Architecture for the day after' Ideas competition - Finalist


 The 'Symbiotic Normality' proposal has been selected as a finalist in the Asemas 'Architecture for the day after' Ideas Contest.

We have opted for a story in comic format, which shows the process between the crisis generated by Covid-19 and the response of the city related to the intergenerational facilities that are proposed to face the growing population of older people.


'10 years have passed since the spring of COVID 19 and today we visit one of the first EICIs: Intergenerational, Collaborative and Integrated Facilities, which emerged as a housing, healthcare and health response after the crisis of that year. A Hub of attention, mediation and public-private management, open to the neighborhood. 120 people between the ages of 18-98 from very diverse groups coexist here. All of them collaborate in the management of individual and collective needs and have established alliances with more than 100 merchants and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. In addition, from here, in conjunction with the health center, Comprehensive Home Care is coordinated for just over 1,500 vulnerable people who live at home. This project supposes the symbiotic and collaborative union of social, educational, health, welfare and housing policies of the city'.



To see the full comic you can click here.

For more information you can access the official ASEMAS website here.