Bosque Metropolitano - Illustrated Guide

 On July 13 and 14, 2020, the "Technical Days of the METROPOLITAN FOREST Contest in climatic, territorial and social key" took place. Its aim was not only to communicate and present the competition, but also to build a concept of forest from which to make visible the environmental, social and economic benefits for the city, with all its potential to intervene in a landscape from the point of view of identity, ecology, health or economy.

The conferences were developed with the clear ambition of expanding the imaginary of the forest and agreeing on a set of guiding criteria for the competition. Seventeen speakers from very different disciplines participated, including municipal technicians, architects, landscape designers, engineers, town planners, nurses, doctors and artists. The views proposed by each speaker have been summarised and are reflected and illustrated in this guide, which can be used beyond the competition as a manual for rethinking the relationship between the city of Madrid and its green infrastructure.



You can find more information about the competition and the technical sessions here