Week of Ecology and Environment of the Covadonga district

Torrelavega hosts the XXXI Week of Ecology from November 18 to 24, organized by Ecologistas en Acción de Cantabria, Asociación de Vecino Besaya and the Covadonga Scout Group.

In this edition, Miriam García has participated with the talk: 'Climate crisis and design of resilient coastal landscapes'. It will explain the foundations of the report 'Conditions without precedents' that summarize the Panel of Experts on Climate Change of the UN (IPCC) on oceans and cryosphere published last September. Experts warn about the growing and continued effects of global warming in the coasts.

Cantabria, with about 280 km of coastal perimeter, is one of the vulnerable areas. The rise in sea level, stronger storms, increased erosion and the subsequent decline of beaches, saline intrusion and affection of the ecosystems are just some of the effects that are already visible.

In this context of climate crisis, it is proposed to reflect on the urgency of defining design strategies and nature-based measures with the aim of promoting the resilience of the Cantabrian coast.