Course: Sustainability and landscape as basic planning tools

Nowadays, cities face the challenge of planning and designing their FUTURE, drawing a roadmap to address their main needs and enhancing their resources. In such a way, they respond to the interests of all local agents and they ensure its long-term continuity.

In order to success, they must work from an integral perspective that transcends the concept of sustainability and incorporates ideas like RESILIENCE and landscape ecology.

This work should be coordinated between the different municipal and territorial areas, it should be open to different agents PARTICIPATION besides political corporations and citizens to agree on the weaknesses and strengths that will build a shared vision of the future for each city.

Found weaknesses and strengths should be reflected and integrated into the development process of different planning tools, to make the proposals operational and viable.

These strategies of sustainable development might be considered to be aligned with the EUROPEAN OBJECTIVES, which will facilitate the financing and development of projects, and the fulfillment of the objectives set by regional, state and international organizations.

This speech was the starting point for the course: Sustainability and landscape as basic planning tools, which was lead by paisaje Transversal and LANDLAB in the School of Regional Administration (EAR), specialized agency attached to the Regional Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of the Council of Communities of Castilla La Mancha, on September 25 to 28. If you want to know more, just click on the following link.