Galicia POL: new perspectives for regional planning and landscape management

Plataforma Urbana website recognizes the work of Miriam Garcia, one of the awarded architects at the XII Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism.

With her work at the Coastal Management Plan for Galicia she pretends to constitute the critical reflection framework for the different public policies affecting the territory, by facilitating a profound knowledge of the littoral system, its dynamics and landscapes.

The final aim is the realization of a more coherent and sustainable use of the littoral space and the improvement of the quality of life of its local inhabitants as well as visitors. These general objectives can indeed be divided in two main ideas:
-  The establishment of a frame of reference for urban planning in coastal areas based on a series of criterions, principles and general norms.
-  The application of regulations related to the conservation, connectivity and highlighting of coastal areas.