Santander opens its proposal of 'City Model' to public information for the next two months [El]



Article published by El about the opening of the public information process for Santander, Future Habitat, designed by LANDLAB and Paisaje Transversal.


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Santander, Future Habitat is a city model designed specifically for Santander based on an in-depth analysis of its conditions, needs and opportunities and after the process of citizen listening and participation started in 2020 through #ParticipaPGS. It is, therefore, a model made by the city for the city.


Santander, Future Habitat promotes the transformation of the city through regenerative urbanism: an open model in which, based on innovation and citizen participation, the adaptation of the territory and its ecological, economic and social conditions are prepared for the different scenarios to come.


Santander, Future Habitat is a model with a territorial vision that is articulated from the neighborhoods and that is capable of acting in a practical and effective way on the daily reality of citizens while keeping an eye on the great global challenges and their impact on the city.


Santander, Future Habitat is also a guide to direct the commitment of the different social, economic and political agents towards the common objective of achieving a better city; a proposal that is aligned with the direction taken by the most outstanding contemporary urban projects and that, due to its innovative nature, can serve as an example to other intermediate cities around the world.


With future Habitat, Santander will become by 2055 a circular, sustainable, resilient, vertebrate, prosperous, vital and inclusive city. A better city.

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