A new street model for the future of Barcelona (El Diario)


The presentation of the new green street model for the Eixample in the framework of the Superilla Barcelona plan and the first projects that will develop it respond to this challenge. A new street model based on three principles. First, understanding the street as a space to live, to be, to play, to rest, a space that prioritizes the welfare of people. Second, a naturalized street, built as an environmental infrastructure, with many more and more diverse trees, greener, and therefore with more shade and better quality of comfort, incorporating mechanisms to filter and retain water, with material and constructive innovations. And third, a street that reactivates the daily life of proximity, encouraging social interaction and commercial activity.

A new model of public space that, while maintaining the criteria of quality and balance throughout the city, has the capacity to provide new answers and reverse the current situation.

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