JACA Ciudadpaisaje/Landscapecity
From urban design to landscape urbanism

A Green Infraestructure
UCJC Escuela de Arquitectura y paisaje

The Territory Inhabited, Resilient cities
The enlightment function of risk
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Soñando nuevas luces

Urban Regeneration (II)
What do we mean when we talk about regenerating Balsas de Ebro Viejo in Zaragoza?

Reconnecting Teruel with its clay landscape

Urban Regeneration
Workshop San Pablo-ZGZ

Post-Speculative City
Spanish coastal landscapes after the speculative tsunami

Landscape & imagination
Landscape as a framework

Integrated Management of Coastal Areas
The Galician Coastal Management Plan

Challenges in Landscape Cartography
Mapping the intangible

Coastal landscapes

Sustainable urban transformations
Mapping as tool

El patrimonio inmaterial

Paisatges en transformació
Intervenció i gestió

Urban Planning Law Ordinance of Cantabria
Urban Planning